Slick roadways...unnatural causes
December 10, 2009

We're fighting slick roadways across Iowa and Nebraska today due to a significant blizzard that dumped heavy snow on us, then brutalized us with powerful winds that cause any kind of snowmelt to turn right back into ice. But in New Zealand, a truck spilled a 10-mile-long trail of offal down a highway, in some places almost a foot thick, causing several cars to spin out of control. For those who might not recognize the term, offal is a word for all of the leftover waste from a butchering process. Not exactly the kind of thing a driver might expect to encounter on the roads.

Why are we mentioning this? American meatpacking facilities are pretty efficient -- finding uses for "everything but the squeal", as it is sometimes said. But there are certain wastes that result from animal-processing facilities, and those wastes are treated, pumped, and recovered every day by products like Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps, Krofta DAF clarifiers, and SSI fine-bubble aeration systems. This professional-grade industrial wastewater treatment keeps waste products off the roads and out of the Midwest's waters.

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