EPA offers mixed reviews for Iowa's water-quality standards
December 2, 2009

The EPA has issued a letter to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources approving 79 water-use designation changes and disapproving 71, in response to the state's efforts to revise water-quality standards in order to come into compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act. In the long list of designation changes disapproved by the EPA, the agency says the state didn't adequately prove that recreational uses weren't occurring or couldn't occur, and that as a result, the water bodies and streams involved needed to be held to a higher standard of cleanliness.

Product insight: We have been working for more than a quarter of a century to serve both the municipal water and wastewater sectors in Iowa and Nebraska, both of which are directly affected by efforts to manage the quality of the state's natural water resources. For example, wastewater plants frequently use our dissolved-oxygen monitors and turbidity monitors to determine the quality of the effluent they deliver back to the natural environment.

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