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Today's Water News

New presentation available: Computer safety 101 for utilities
December 19, 2014

We are offering a new presentation for our utility and association clients: "Computer Safety 101 for Utilities". This presentation is a summary of important information in plain English for operators and management of utilities to know about keeping their computers and networks safe from attack. Our full list of presentations includes lots of talks on subjects from maintenance to management. Many of the slideshows that accompany the talks are available online as well, though the full talks are of course much more in-depth than the slideshows illustrate. Contact us if you would like to arrange for one of our presentations at a conference or other event.

Your cat is secretly trying to kill you
December 11, 2014

Draining a footing
December 5, 2014

A very pleasant gentleman called us today to ask about one of our portable engine-driven trash pumps. He explained that he wanted to drain some footings that had been dug for a household construction project and that had subsequently been flooded by rainfall.

Now, it's important to know that we do not offer pump recommendations -- there are just too many variables involved with any given pumping application for us to be involved in picking pumps from our online store. (Pump application and selection assistance is something we do every day for local customers on engineered applications, but that's because we have special local knowledge of conditions prevailing in Iowa and Nebraska.) However, this was a case where the customer was trying to pick a pump that was completely wrong for the purpose, so we advised strongly against choosing the pump he had in mind.

The footings the customer described were only about 1' in diameter and 2' deep. In other words, about 1.6 cubic feet -- or around 12 gallons, if completely full.

One of our engine-driven trash pumps would be too much pump for the job. That would be like using a blender to put sugar in your coffee. Much more appropriate to a small drainage application like this might be one of our handheld utility pumps or even a hand-operated pump.

Again, we're not equipped to make pump selections for our online customers. Pumps are affected by everything from local power supplies to elevation, and from water quality to the type of hoses used for suction and discharge. We share Gorman-Rupp's pump application manual freely since it is a great tool for making those selections. But we thought this particular case was one worth sharing because it illustrates our thinking on the importance of getting the right pump for the job -- not just selling the pump with the highest price. AMT's engine-driven trash pumps are great for workhorse jobs where the volumes involved are in the dozens or more, and we're happy to sell them. Get the right pump for the job, and don't trust anyone whose solitary goal is to get you to spend as much money as possible on a pump. Sometimes the best fit is surprisingly compact.

Twitter 101 for Water Utilities
December 3, 2014

Water affects economic growth everywhere
December 1, 2014

You wouldn't normally think of Vermont as a parched land with water shortages, but a couple of towns there are running into economic-development hurdles because of the limitations of their water and wastewater systems. Water supplies matter everywhere.

Protecting force mains using valves
October 29, 2014

Our presentation today at the Iowa WEA Region 5 meeting in Newton:

Keep leaves out of the storm sewers
October 27, 2014

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but the general public often needs a gentle reminder to help with water quality by keeping leaves out of the storm sewers. It may be tempting to take a leaf blower and blast those excess leaves into the street (rather than mulching them or bagging them), but doing that puts more leaf debris into the storm sewers. Since storm sewers are generally unscreened and untreated before they dump into creeks and streams, those leaves end up decomposing and releasing nutrients into the water. Most riverbanks already have plenty of trees and don't need the additional nutrient loading, which can reduce water quality by adding phosphorus and nitrogen that can encourage algae and kill fish. (Those decomposing leaves can also contribute to an unpleasant odor and taste for people drinking water from river sources downstream.) Stormwater management is an essential part of the water cycle, and careful management of organic material like leaves and grass clippings can help protect drinking-water resources.

Some dispatches from WEFTEC
September 29, 2014

Questions? Just let us know. We are pleased to represent each of these manufacturers.

A stage in North Dakota's flood fight comes to a close
closing its Devils Lake office, since construction work on flood control projects in the area is nearly complete.

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September 23, 2014

We invite you to visit our manufacturers at WEFTEC in New Orleans next week:

Manufacturer Booth
AMT 2528
ATI 7729
Charter Machine 8429
Corix 6743
EIM 1829
Environetics 5629
Fairfield 7043
GA Industries 4511
Golden Harvest 2942
Gorman-Rupp 2528
H-Tec 1453
Patterson Pumps 2528
SSI 8529
UV Pure 7208
Wilo 2701

Water-main woes in Omaha
September 15, 2014

Crews working to fix a sinkhole caused by one broken water main ended up breaking a different main, creating a pretty large sinkhole downtown.

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WWTP maintenance gets a celebrity endorsement
September 11, 2014

The omnipresent Dr. Mehmet Oz, according to TPO Magazine, has come out against flushable wipes after seeing the damage they do to municipal wastewater treatment systems. The water industry hasn't been especially good about recruiting celebrity endorsements -- aside, maybe, from Matt Damon and his advocacy for water access in the developing world.

A new ethanol plant
September 3, 2014

Iowa's first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant has opened in Emmetsburg. The local driver behind the project is POET, working in partnership with the Dutch firm DSM.

7" of rain in 24 hours
August 27, 2014

Parts of east-central Nebraska got more than 7" of rain in 24 hours this week. That kind of rainfall rate will overwhelm almost any stormwater-collection system.

Selling your project to a council or board
August 26, 2014

A sneak preview of the presentation we're offering tomorrow at the Iowa AWWA short course in Ankeny:

We offer lots of presentations for qualified industry organizations, engineering firms, and operators. Call us or contact us online to schedule yours.

Ozone gas generators
July 30, 2014

Now available: Portable ozone generators for quick calibration of detectors in most types of locations.

Pump troubleshooting
July 9, 2014

Get a sneak preview of our upcoming presentation to the Ankeny Annual Water Conference. We're talking about pump troubleshooting:

See the complete list of presentations that we can make to conferences and engineering seminars.

Our neighbors make us look pretty dull
June 16, 2014

Record rainfall in Siouxland last night
June 15, 2014

Sioux Falls received 4.68" of rain in 24 hours, setting a new one-day record. Sioux City got hit hard, too, with rain and hail. Drought relief is welcome in northwest Iowa, but big storms don't really resolve a persistent shortage.

We serve the stormwater control market as well as municipal water and wastewater.

Iowa WEA convention
June 4, 2014

Maintenance: How not to hate it
April 29, 2014

A presentation delivered today to the Iowa AWWA/WEA spring short course in Ankeny.

Winter's over, but the drought isn't
April 24, 2014

Some rain fell over most of our territory during the last 24 hours, and it's badly needed. 78% of Iowa and 90% of Nebraska are in some kind of an abnormal dry spell or drought. In a recent presentation, we called this "Mother Nature's Attitude Problem" -- whether it's attributable to global warming or not, it's clear we have to accommodate weather extremes when planning for source water protection.

Request check valve quotes 24 hours a day
April 8, 2014

Our new check valve quote-request page is live and available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to submit requests for quotes on check valves from anywhere in the world. If we're not your local representatives, we'll get the request into the right hands for you.

Plug valve request form is now live
April 7, 2014

Our new plug valve quote request form is now live for quick quotations on plug valves.

Gorman-Rupp named to "Most Trustworthy Companies" list
March 27, 2014

Congratulations to the people of the Gorman-Rupp company, named for the fourth time to the Forbes list of "100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America". We have trusted Gorman-Rupp since we began our formal relationship with them in 1984.

Grass fires in southern Iowa
March 26, 2014

I-35 in southern Iowa is being obscured by a grass fire this afternoon, according to KCCI-TV. We are in the opening phase of the high-risk spring wildfire season -- the effects of last year's serious drought are lingering, and until some rains come in to alleviate that risk, we're going to have a relatively high risk of wildfires. And today's high winds aren't helping anything. If you're in a high-risk area, check out our portable firefighting pumps and be prepared.

Harsh winter leads to eastern Iowa fish kills
March 25, 2014

KCRG-TV is reporting on fish kills in eastern Iowa, caused by the harsh winter. If you're trying to keep a pond or a lake free of ice, we have aeration and mixing solutions that can help. Contact us for more details.

Top ten hassles in wastewater pumping
March 24, 2014

One of many educational presentations we offer.

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