D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are manufacturer's representatives for makers of sluice gates, slide gates, shear gates, and flap gates. We are one of the nation's top representatives for water-control equipment.

Our water control products include:
  • Sluice gates. Heavy-duty sluice gates for seating heads of 55' to 200', medium-duty sluice gates for seating heads of 20' to 60', and light-duty sluice gates for seating heads of 6' to 24'. Square, rectangular, round, rubber-sealed, and self-contained gates are all available. More information is available on our sluice gate page.

  • Slide gates. Slide gates made from aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and stainless steel. Seating heads range up to 40'. Visit our slide gate page or request a quote or specifications online.

  • Tilting weir gates. Similar to slide gates, but designed to rotate on a horizontal axis.

  • Shear gates. Shear gates of aluminum or stainless steel offer the user an easy way to discharge large volumes of water from tanks of all types with a simple, reliable gate.

  • Roller gates. Roller gates can be used to provide temporary water-diversion duty in applications where permanently-mounted slide or sluice gates are considered unfavorable.

  • Butterfly valves.

  • Flap gates. Our manufacturers' flap gates are built to exacting specifications to handle flows where it's important to prevent the channel from backing up. Flap gates can be found in a variety of applications in water and wastewater treatment, especially in sanitary and combined sewer systems to control flows where more than one pipe or channel feeds into the same location. Flap gates can keep flows from one pipe from entering another.

  • Tide gates.

  • Hydraulic power systems.

  • Upstream level control gates. Gates designed to maintain a consistent water level upstream of the gate. Useful in flood and stream control, as well as in UV disinfection applications where the ultraviolet bulbs must be kept wet at all times.

  • Radial gates for flood control, hydroelectric power, and dams.

  • Operators and lifts. Geared operators, electric actuators, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, and a range of other lifts, stems, and accessories.

  • Automatic level controls.

  • Specialty gates for flood control and dams. Automatic siphons, bending weir gates, radial gates, and overshot gates (tilting weir gates).

  • Other products. Specialty products including mud valves, telescoping valves, portable actuators, and many others.

last revised June 2010