Board approves 4% rate increase for Omaha water
December 4, 2009

The board of directors at Omaha's Metropolitan Utilities district has approved a rate increase of 4% for water customers in 2010, but voted down an increase in natural-gas rates at a meeting this week. The higher rates reflect with the costs of inflation as well as considerable expenses being undertaken by MUD related to the separation of Omaha's stormwater and santary sewers. The sewer-separation project will cost the city more than a billion and a half dollars over the coming decade (a project lasting until 2024, according to current estimates), in addition to the expenses borne by MUD to adjust their water service lines for compatibility with the sewer reconstruction.

Product insight: We can do a lot to serve communities looking for help with CSO improvements. We have sluice, slide, and flap gates, which are all used widely throughout sewer-collection systems, as well as products like rotary drum screens and CSO bar screens for high-volume screening of solids from stormwater systems. If you have questions or comments, please let us know.

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