Clear snow from fire hydrants
December 11, 2009

As we return to a winterized version of "normal" in the Midwest following this week's powerful blizzard, homeowners and business owners alike should make sure that snow has been cleared from around the fire hydrants on and near their properties. When a foot of snow or more builds up on sidewalks and roads, much of it gets shoveled and plowed onto parkways -- and that means that fire hydrants are covered indiscriminately. Municipal water distribution systems are extremely reliable, even in extremely cold weather, and that means that plenty of water is available for firefighting wherever it's needed. But if firefighters have to search for hydrants and clear them of snow, valuable time can be lost in fighting a fire. As a matter of public safety, clearing excess snow from around fire hydrants can be just as important as ensuring that sidewalks and roads are safe for travel.

Product spotlight: We serve America's fire departments from coast to coast with products like portable fire pumps and PTO-driven fire pumps. We also help keep municipal water supplies flowing with pressure-booster stations. If we can do anything to help with your needs, let us know.

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