Cleaner hospitals and hotels
December 7, 2009

The EPA is trumpeting grants of $56,000 for an Iowa program to reduce solid waste at hospitals and health-care facilities and $101,000 for a Nebraska program to promote pollution reduction in hotels and throughout the hospitality industry. While heavy industry often produces a lot of wastewater and air pollutants, hospitals and hospitality centers produce concentrated types of some wastes that need special attention. Hotels often have pools and aquatic centers that require lots of chlorine for safe use, which can put a heavy demand on dechlorination systems at wastewater plants in small systems. Hospitals obviously have a range of biological hazards to deal with, many of which are incinerated so that they cannot escape the hospital facility and reach the broader environment.

Product spotlight: We offer products like pumps for hotel pools and spas and ultraviolet-disinfection systems for hospitals. We also have a range of toxic-gas sensors available for use in hazardous locations, including those that may protect workers near incineration units.

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