D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are the exclusive manufacturer's representatives for Stamford Scientific International, Inc. (SSI) fine-bubble aeration systems in Iowa and Nebraska.

SSI is the only company offering two different sizes of disc diffusers (9" and 12" diameters) and two sizes of tube diffusers (2.5" and 3.7" diameters) -- and the only company offering low-oil, high-strength EPDM, polyurethane, and two-layer membranes for disc diffusers. These diffusers are even available with PTFE non-stick coatings!
  • Disc Aeration. The SSI advantage in disc aeration is in the membrane. Ceramic discs are expensive, hard to clean, and difficult to replace. They foul quickly and often lose efficiency after just six months of operation. SSI offers four different membrane choices -- EPDM, polyurethane, silicone, and a patent-pending two-layer silicone/EPDM model. SSI membranes are a great choice for replacing your existing ceramic discs (7", 9", and 12" diameters available), and an even better choice for installing a new system.

  • Tube Diffusers. SSI keeps up the pace with its line of tube diffusers, an even more economical alternative for fine-bubble aeration. SSI's tube diffusion systems can be put into place quickly and easily, and the tube membranes are also available in EPDM, polyurethane, and silicone. SSI replacement membranes can be used to retrofit existing systems or in new SSI systems and are available in 2.5" and 3.7" diameters, up to 4' in length.

  • Designs. Full SSI aeration systems can be designed as fixed permanent grids or as retrievable systems. Fixed permanent grids are best for ensuring complete oxygenation of the entire tank and for preventing stratification, while retrievable systems are a great choice for tanks with soft floors (like many lagoons here in the Midwest) and in single-tank plants where maintenance would otherwise be impossible.

  • Replacements. SSI also makes replacements for other disc membranes.
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last revised October 2009