D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are the exclusive manufacturer's representatives for Stamford Scientific International, Inc. (SSI) fine-bubble aeration systems in Iowa and Nebraska.

SSI has pioneered a significant advancement in the industry by offering PTFE-coated EPDM diffusers. The advantage is obvious: The coating allows the diffuser to resist virtually all fouling, making it exceptionally easy to use. The PTFE-coated diffuser combines the long life and reliability of EPDM membranes with the clog resistance of PTFE.

What is PTFE? While you probably don't recognize the name PTFE, it's the same chemical used to make non-stick coatings for pans and dishes. It goes by a much more common name, but the big company that owns the trademark doesn't let other people use it.

Clients who have installed SSI's PTFE-coated diffusers in trials have been quick to order additional diffusers to replace their existing ceramic diffusers and other membrane diffusers. The value of being able to run applications treating wastewater in food processing, pulp and paper processing, and chemical processing -- as well as ordinary domestic and municipal wastewater -- is enormous when operators don't have to stop the treatment process or drain the tanks just to clean the diffusers. In some applications, old-style diffusers that had to be cleaned once every three weeks have been replaced with SSI's PTFE-coated diffusers and haven't had to be cleaned in more than six months!

The savings in labor cost and downtime alone should be enough to get the attention of most plant and maintenance managers. And operators who can do away with back-breaking cleaning chores should be equally attracted to the choice of a new and much-improved diffuser. There are green-projects benefits, too: A clean diffuser is an efficient diffuser, so the cleaner the diffusers remain, the less energy is wasted in the process of treating the wastewater. Contact us for custom specifications and calculations or to receive a copy of our SSI catalog on CD.

last revised April 2009