A dark and stormy day and night
June 24, 2009

Tuesday's massive storm system has really pounded the state of Iowa, leaving behind wind damage, street flooding, and power outages across the state -- particularly in central Iowa and in north-central Iowa. The combination of heavy rainfall and high winds leading to power outages serves as a reminder of the value of sump pumps that can operate without electricity for homeowners and businesses, and lift stations with engine backup systems for municipalities. Strong storms tend to produce the conditions under which reliable pumping systems are needed most -- from sump pumps in the basement to lift stations carrying the water away. Having a power backup system translates to peace of mind, and can free up valuable time for city employees who may have other issues to attend to -- like cleaning up debris and closing flooded roadways. Storms tend to produce lots of inflow and infiltration in many sewer systems, so even those communities that don't have combined sewers still feel the effects of heavy rainfall.

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