Thankless tasks in city infrastructure
June 9, 2009

When some torrential rains fell on Waterloo, Iowa, at the end of April, some residents got water in their basements as infiltration from the storm worked its way into the sanitary sewers. Among the homeowners affected: The city's mayor. The event gave the mayor an opportunity to implore the city council to back him on future projects to control storm water, saying, "Keep this in mind for the potential to do things better." Storm sewers -- and repairs to existing sanitary sewers to prevent infiltration and inflow (or "I&I") by stormwater -- are far from being as eye-catching or easy to campaign for as new pedestrian bridges and convention centers, but some places are fortunate enough to have municipal leaders who can sell their communities on the need for water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure improvements before their need becomes obvious.

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