The windmill as Nebraska's state icon
June 25, 2009

A member of the board of the Nebraska State Fair thinks that the fair should adopt the windmill as its icon when it makes the move next year to Grand Island. Windmills were widely used by farmers in the past to pump water out of ground wells for irrigation. Aside from being aesthetically pleasant, the board member says that the use of the windmill as an icon serves to remind people that Nebraska's economy depends upon water. The state contains almost 20% of all irrigated cropland in the country. As it turns out, the rise of massive wind-based electrical generation in neighboring Iowa may in fact mean that, through interstate electrical transmission, many of those pumps being used to produce irrigation water may again be powered by wind. Nebraska is unique among the states in that it is served entirely by public power districts owned by their local communities. The relationship between energy and water is overlooked far more often than it is recognized, but in fact, power generation is by far the biggest category of water use in the United States.

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