Cleanup and repair continue a year after Iowa's natural disasters
June 10, 2009

The EF-5 tornado that hit Parkersburg, Iowa, and the flooding that affected much of the state of Iowa last year are still having significant effects on the state, even as FEMA and other agencies mark the anniversary period. The state has received billions of dollars in recovery funding from the Federal government. While the dignitaries conduct their obligatory photo-ops, the people living in the affected areas are continuing to do their cleanup and repair work, and the work that's needed is sometimes quite unexpected. We recently shipped pump repair parts to the city of Parkersburg. It turns out that the massive tornado was powerful enough to blast the manhole covers right off of the city's sewer lines, in addition to all the other damage it created. As a result, debris was washed into the sewers and eventually into (and through) the city's pump stations.

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