Coralville considers its flood-control options
June 18, 2009

The city of Coralville, Iowa, is working on plans for updated flood protections around the Iowa River as it passes along and through the city. The floods of 2008 caused serious damage to a large portion of the city, and Coralville is applying for millions in Federal funding to help improve the quality of the floodwalls around the city. One of their biggest challenges will be working around the needs of the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway that passes right next to the river. The community is looking at 5,000 feet of flood mitigation projects. The area requiring new flood protections is bordered by 1st Avenue and Highway 6. The city is looking at a variety of options, including better earthen berms (which can be improved with the use of geotextiles), portable flood walls (similar to stop logs and roller gates), and conventional concrete floodwalls. We are available to assist with questions on flood-control projects of many types. Contact us with your questions.

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