How to select the right pump
June 4, 2009

Often, the entire process of selecting a pump consists of nothing more than trying to meet a condition point. Unfortunately, by cutting the pump-selection process short, operators can find themselves wasting lots of effort when things go wrong. The chief of engineering at Gorman-Rupp has prepared a brief guide to pump selection, which highlights several frequently-overlooked factors that can make an enormous difference to a pumping system's long-term reliability. Among those factors are the pump materials' resistance to abrasion, the availability of OEM repair parts, the ease of service, and the quality of the pump's mechanical seal. With literally hundreds of pumps and packaged pumping stations in operation throughout Iowa and Nebraska, we have developed considerable in-house proprietary knowledge about best practices in pump selection and operation. We can help you with with your questions; please feel free to contact us and let us know what we can do to assist you.

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