Wastewater is drinking water's less-sexy but equally-important cousin
September 17, 2009

An interesting video posted to YouTube by a Canadian volunteer from Engineers Without Borders gets into a worthwhile rant about how difficult it is to draw attention to the importance of reliable sanitary service for disposing of wastewater. As the engineer in the video points out, clean drinking water is an easily-sold proposition -- but you can't have clean drinking water without providing adequate sanitary service, too. But, unfortunately, "wastewater" and "sewage" are dirty words (in more than one sense), and nobody likes to hear about them. That's too bad, considering how much work remains to be done around the globe to bring clean water to every place it's needed. Even in developed nations like the US, the main threat to clean drinking water supplies is most often improperly-disposed waste -- though in the US, we've gotten quite good at handling domestic wastewater, leaving agricultural and industrial wastewater treatment as bigger challenges.

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