EPA opens comments on aircraft de-icing
September 2, 2009

The EPA has opened up a comment period on proposed rules for managing the water from aircraft deicing. The proposed rule would require that airports with more than 1,000 annual jet departures (or 10,000 total departures) collect and treat the water that runs off from deicing operations. For reference, the Lincoln Municipal Airport has had more than 38,000 flight operations to date this year, while the Central Nebraska Regional Airport at Grand Island serves about a thousand flights a month. The EPA says that the new standards could reduce pollutant discharges by 40 million pounds per year, at a cost of about $2.25 per pound. Our experience in aircraft deicing operations and related water treatment has been an outgrowth of our work in the general stormwater management field, including work with stainless steel gates for managing and controlling the water runoff and geomembrane liners for impoundment lagoons, though we have also assisted airports with portable pumps for deicing operations. Airports and operations teams who could use our expert knowledge and experience may certainly feel free to contact us for information.

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