DJ Gongol & Associates sells a wide range of products for use in the municipal water and wastewater industries. But we also have a number of products that are useful in agriculture as well:
  • Pressure-booster pumps. Well pumps not producing enough pressure? Rural water pressure just not enough to meet your needs? This economical solution to your problems is a snap to install.

  • Portable trash pumps. Use to drain standing water or just move water from one place to another.

  • Portable diaphragm pumps. Ideal for moving manure and sludge.

  • Chlorination tablets. A simple and safe way to disinfect well water and to protect your septic system.

  • Canal gates. Control the flow of water in fields and drainage areas.

  • Lagoon liners. Protect your groundwater from contamination.

  • Floating lagoon covers. Use a lagoon cover to control nuisance odors and control the spread of bacteria. Capture biogas (methane) and use it to generate heat and electricity.

  • Anaerobic digesters. Anaerobic digestion of manure can save transportation costs and can even pay you back. Capture methane to burn for heat or to generate electricity.

last revised 4.4.2006