Water and H1N1 flu
September 4, 2009

A public meeting was held in Omaha yesterday to discuss how schools and families can deal with flu outbreaks. The CDC says that the Midwest has generally avoided widespread H1N1 infections, but it's reported as "widespread" in the Southeast, and its effects on schools in Europe has also been noticed. Even if this particular flu outbreak turns out not to be especially incapacitating, it would be wise for many organizations -- especially essential public services like municipal water services and wastewater-treatment systems -- to evaluate how they can ensure continuity of service in case of a serious and debilitating outbreak, whether of flu or anything else.

We will be presenting a course in institutional memory at the Nebraska fall conference in Kearney this November, to help organizations figure out how to ensure that they can retain their most valuable knowledge and skills, even if individuals aren't able to be at the plant. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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