Great news for Lincoln: The water supply is in good shape
June 14, 2010

Lincoln has had perhaps the state's most visible struggle with water supplies as Nebraska has dealt with drought conditions that lasted for the better part of the last decade. As the largest population cluster west of Omaha, and located just a few miles east of the state's heavily-irrigated heartland, Lincoln has observed a wide range of voluntary and mandatory restrictions on water use for the last few years. But at long last, the mayor there has declared that the water supply is in such abundance that residents won't even be asked to observe designated watering-day schedules for the foreseeable future.

Municipal water supplies consume a tiny fraction of total freshwater use in Nebraska -- irrigation uses 27 times more. But in urban areas, the municipal supply usually draws from a small number of concentrated wells, which makes conservation and efficient use essential. Without safe drinking water supplies, a modern city simply cannot function.

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