A quiet spring turns rapidly into a noisy summer
June 1, 2010

With the Memorial Day holiday marking the traditional start of summer, what had been an extraordinarily quiet spring for severe weather in Iowa (with no confirmed tornadoes all spring) has made a rapid U-turn with today's strong storms, dropping at least one tornado in southwest Iowa along with giant hail. Severe weather is a pretty standard experience in our part of the country, and that experience underscores the importance of having backup systems in place for use during severe weather -- whether it's having portable pumps ready and fueled nearby to help control flooding, battery-backup sump pumps capable of handling heavy rains even when the power goes out, or portable lift stations and lift stations with engine backup systems to ensure that a municipal wastewater system can continue to function even if municipal power goes out. A small bit of preparation can make all the difference between a serious disruption to ordinary life and a minor inconvenience.

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