You don't know what you've got until it's gone: Water edition
May 14, 2009

Members of the American Society of Civil Engineers addressed a Congressional briefing this week to discuss the need for better resilience inside our infrastructure systems. The testimony was related to the need for systems to be capable of "bouncing back" from natural or man-made disasters of the type that now come under the "homeland security" umbrella. We have experienced prime examples of such disasters on several occasions in the recent past, including the loss of the municipal water system at Mason City (Iowa), the flooding of the wastewater treatment plant at Cedar Rapids (Iowa), and the catastrophic sewer failure in Grand Island (Nebraska), all of which occurred in the last 18 months.

One of our greatest advantages to our self-priming pumps from Gorman-Rupp is that they are typically run on V-belt drives, which means that in case of a catastrophic flood, for instance, the pump can be easily returned to service with an off-the-shelf motor, available virtually anywhere. We also specialize in products like portable lift stations to help communities in need of emergency pumping service. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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