Iowa's $455 million attempt to clean the water
May 12, 2009

The Des Moines Register has featured a story on the large amount of money being dedicated to water-quality projects across the state in the near future. One of the main issues highlighted in the story is Iowa's hundreds of unsewered communities -- according to the USDA, we have 739 (out of just 947 municipalities in total). We noted the Legislature's push to fund a revolving-loan program to help install sewer systems at the start of April. As communities install these systems, we anticipate that many of them will find Gorman-Rupp lift stations to be the most reliable and cost-efficient approach to their pumping needs. Gorman-Rupp lift stations are so easy to maintain that we have been able to train operators all over Iowa and Nebraska to service their own pump stations without having to spend thousands of dollars on service calls and expensive repairs. Reliable pumping systems save on labor costs, too, since they require little operator intervention; this helps preserve the precious public resources in many small communities and allows them to focus on other important issues.

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