DJ Gongol & Associates represents the Patterson Pump Company, a subsidiary of the Gorman-Rupp Company, in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. Patterson pumps are made for a variety of applications in both clean water and wastewater applications.

The Patterson Series F centrifugal sewage pump is a superior non-clogging pump for unscreened sewage and other trashy fluids. The Series F can handle unscreened solids up to 8" in diameter.

Series F sewage pumps are in the following configurations:
  • Vertically mounted, direct coupled
  • Vertically mounted, remote coupled through an extended drive shaft
  • Horizontally mounted, direct coupled
Series F Non-Clog Centrifugal Sewage Pumps
Performance Characteristics
Pump Type Min GPM Max GPM Max TDH Min Disch Max Disch Service
Series F Centrifugal Sewage Pumps 500 100,000 150' 12" 24" high-volume sewage service

Patterson Series F non-clog sewage pumps are also available with special casing materials to resist abrasion and with double mechanical seals.

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last revised 10.7.2005