DJ Gongol & Associates represents the Patterson Pump Company, a subsidiary of the Gorman-Rupp Company, in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. Patterson pumps are made for a variety of applications in both clean water and wastewater applications.

The Patterson Forceline non-clog series is designed specifically to pump sludge, raw unscreened sewage, and contaminated trashy fluids without clogging.

When installed in a dry-pit application, the Forceline non-clog sewage pump can be mounted in one of three ways:
  • NCSVF: vertically mounted, direct coupled
  • NCSVI: vertically mounted, remote coupled through an extended drive shaft
  • NCSH: horizontally mounted, direct coupled
Forceline Series Non-Clog Dry-Pit Sewage Pumps

Performance Characteristics
Pump Type Min GPM Max GPM Max TDH Min Disch Max Disch Service
Forceline Non-Clog Dry-Pit Sewage Pumps 150 12,000 250' 3" 12" pumping unscreened sewage and trashy fluids

Patterson Forceline series non-clog sewage pumps are known for their reliability, ease of maintenance, and efficiency.

See the complete range of Patterson pumps for municipal service by visiting our clean-water pumps page, or request more information or a quotation by using our convenient quotation request form.

last revised 10.6.2005