Gorman-Rupp Eradicator upgrade solves problems with "new sewage"

May 26, 2016

For a variety of reasons, the kinds of things entering municipal wastewater collection systems have become more challenging than ever. Gorman-Rupp's legendary solids-handling capability built into the integral design of the self-priming Super T and Ultra V pump series is already better-suited than any other pump type to the tough job of handling those solids.

Rugged solids-handling capability means less downtime, and less downtime makes for a more reliable and cost-effective system. But in those cases where the "new sewage" is making life difficult, the Eradicator upgrade takes that legendary Gorman-Rupp performance up to an even higher level.

Why might you want the Eradicator upgrade?

  • You're having problems with wipes or other stringy solids
  • Grease and oils have been congealing along with solids in your collection system and sending messy solids into your wetwells
  • Complicated solids like feathers or leaves have been showing up in your system like never before

You can get the Eradicator upgrade kit as a retrofit for existing Gorman-Rupp T Series pumps or you can get the upgrade added to a brand-new Gorman-Rupp pump. Contact us to find out more about your options.

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