Flooding compounds uncertain crop year
July 27, 2010

Iowa's economy relies quite heavily upon cash generated by farming income. Thus the entire state has a vested interest in the condition of the state's main cash crops, corn and soybeans -- and it's been an extraordinary year, in the most literal sense. Many farms got their planting done comparatively early, but the heavy rains we received throughout June (three times the normal amount) were far from ideal. And now, the flooding in northeastern Iowa caused by a true deluge over the weekend and the subsequent failure of the Lake Delhi dam means that some farmers in the Maquoketa River basin have been wiped out. Overall, corn is ahead of schedule, and 50% of the state has surplus soil moisture. We will, of course, be watching with great interest to see whether additional rainfall causes more stormwater emergencies. As suppliers for several types of gates used on dams, we will also be quite interested to see whether the Lake Delhi situation leads to changes in construction standards or a new round of inspections.

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