Knowledge of local conditions matters
January 22, 2009

One of the reasons it's helpful to have local representatives with knowledge of local conditions is that we develop instincts for local conditions. From time to time, we've worked with other parties who haven't been familiar with local conditions in the Iowa-Nebraska region. On occasion, we've faced incredulity when trying to explain that surface temperatures can range from -40°F to 120°F over the course of a year. But we tested that range just last week, when an actual air temperature of 40°F below zero was registered at Coggon in eastern Iowa. We've reached those temperatures before, and we certainly will again. Wind chill values dropped even lower -- down to -52°F. Knowing these conditions helps us do a better job helping to select systems like pump stations that can be sensitive to temperature changes. Our experience also explains why we value well-designed and well-insulated enclosures for equipment that would otherwise be exposed to the elements.

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