New England ice storm makes the case for pump stations with backup power
December 15, 2008

Consider this recipe for trouble: An ice storm in New England has disrupted electrical power supplies to 400,000 homes and businesses. Because of the ice and the fallen power lines, the roads are unsafe for travel. People are stuck at home and cannot go out for supplies -- yet they still need clean water and still use things like showers, toilets, and sinks. Most clean-water booster pump stations and sewage lift stations are run on electricity. If the power goes out, the pump stations do, too -- which means they have to rely upon either portable gas- or diesel-driven pumps, expensive generator backup systems, or internal power backups. We have helped several communities install lift stations with built-in engine backup units. They tend to cost less than their equivalents using generator backups, and they can operate without the on-site intervention required with portable engine-driven backups.

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