Fay drops stunning amounts of water on Florida
August 21, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay has dropped an incredible amount of rain on parts of Florida -- with some places getting almost 24 inches of rain in just over two days. That's about the same amount of precipitation as Omaha gets in an average year. Meanwhile, lots of places are losing power due to the storm as well. While the precipitation is apparently good news for citrus growers, it's certainly going to create flooding problems for many people. The confluence of heavy rains and power outages are a good reminder of the value of battery-backup sump pumps -- increasingly valuable even in Florida, where basements are no longer an anomaly, and practically a necessity in the Midwest. Those power outages also serve as a reminder of the value of lift stations with engine backups and portable bypass pumps. Heavy rains put an even heavier burden on many sewer systems.

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