D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are manufacturer's representatives for Exceltec chlorination and dechlorination equipment and chemicals. Exceltec offers easy-to-use chlorination solutions for wastewater and potable water treatment.

D-Chlor water dechlorination tablets from Exceltec are the best available for removing chlorine from water and wastewater. These sodium sulfite tablets are simple to use with Exceltec tablet Feeders and make wastewater and potable water treatment easy. The Exceltec tablet feeder is inexpensive, reliable, and maintenance-free! Exceltec tablet feeders have no moving parts to maintain and are rust- and corrosion-proof. Plus, their tightly-controlled dissolve rate means better treatment for your entire system. Exceltec Tablet Feeders can be used for Aquaward potable-water chlorination tablets, Sanuril wastewater disinfection tablets, and D-Chlor dechlorination tablets.

D-Chlor dechlorination tablets are designed to provide effective, unattended treatment for up to 50,000 gallons of water per day from a single unit. Need more treatment capacity? Simply add another Exceltec tablet feeder. These units can be operated in parallel and are infinitely scalable to serve any flow rates.

The advantages behind D-Chlor dechlorination tablets:
  • Safe to handle

  • Easily adjusted to suit your system's needs and capacities

  • Self-regulating for unattended operation for up to two months at a time

  • Flexible and scalable for flows and capacities of virtually any size

  • Dependable - no breaking, no wicking, no crumbling, and no leaching

  • Powerful - removes chlorine and oxidizing agents from calcium hypochlorite tablets, sodium hypochlorite tablets, hydrogen peroxide treatments, chlorine dioxide systems, chlorine gas treatments, and ozone systems
Where can you find and use D-Chlor dechlorination tablets?
  • Municipal water supplies of all sizes
  • Rural water districts and other rural water sources
  • Water towers
  • Gravity-feed reservoirs
  • Fresh-water springs
  • Pumped wells
  • Hand pumps
  • Municipal wastewater treatment systems of all sizes
  • Rural water districts
  • Sanitary lagoons
  • Industrial treatment
  • Home aerobic plants
  • Motels
  • Campgrounds
  • Housing developments
  • Parks
  • Highway rest stops and rest areas
  • Schools
  • Packaged treatment plants including SBR systems
  • Septic tank-sand filter systems
  • Spray irrigation systems
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last revised 10.17.2005