D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are manufacturer's representatives for Exceltec chlorination and dechlorination equipment and chemicals. Exceltec offers easy-to-use chlorination solutions for wastewater and potable water treatment.

Exceltec chlorination tablet feeders are designed to help effectively treat and decontaminate potable water and wastewater. Exceltec tablet feeders deliver:
  • Total treatment. The entire plant flow passes through the Exceltec chlorination tablet feeder, so you can be sure that your disinfection is more reliable and bacteria re-growth is reduced. Dissolve rates are tightly controlled, so problems with leaching, breakage, and wicking are eliminated.

  • Easy installation. Exceltec chlorination tablet feeders require no electricity, no wiring, and no complex bypass lines, feed lines, or mixing tanks. Simply attach the inlet piping, load fresh tablets, and walk away.

  • Low initial investment. A tablet feeder with no moving parts and no special piping means a very low initial investment.

  • Low operating costs. No pre-mixing. No moving parts to foul or break down. Exceltec Tablet Chlorination Feeder No complicated training. Simply load your Sanuril, Aquaward, or D-Chlor tablets into the tablet feeder and walk away. The Exceltec chlorination tablet feeder will operate on its own and regulate the amount of chemical released into the water for as long as two months without any operator intervention.

  • Durability. Exceltec tablet chlorination feeders are rust-proof and corrosion-proof. They're compact and easy to handle, and refilling the tablets is as easy as putting cookies in a jar.
Exceltec tablet chlorination and dechlorination is a great option for any chlorinated water treatment system or chlorinated wastewater disinfection system. It's ideal for remote and unattended operation and gives you reliable service without any need for maintenance or ongoing supervision.

Exceltec tablet systems are reliable, economical choices for lots of facilities:
  • Small towns
  • State and county parks
  • Recreation areas
  • Rural water systems
  • Highway rest stops
  • Septic systems
  • Factories and plants
  • Remote residential areas
  • Farms and ranches
  • Communities with chlorination needs
  • Industrial facilities
Three models are available:
  • Model 200, for flows under 1,500 gpd
  • Model 100, for flows up to 10,000 gpd
  • Model 1000/1001, for flows up to 50,000 gpd
And because the Exceltec system is perfectly scalable, virtually any flow can be met -- to add treatment capacity, simply add another inlet pipe and another Exceltec tablet chlorination feeder. Two Model 1000/1001 feeders in parallel operation could handle up to 100,000 gpd -- and the potential treatment capacity is unlimited.

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last revised 10.14.2005