Patterson Axial Flow Pump DJ Gongol & Associates represents the Patterson Pump Company, a subsidiary of the Gorman-Rupp Company, in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. Patterson pumps are made for a variety of applications in both clean water and wastewater applications.

Patterson axial-flow pumps and mixed-flow pumps are ideal choices for the efficient pumping of high volumes of clear water and wastewater. When used in clean-water applications, Patterson axial and mixed flow pumps can be installed with open line shafts. For wastewater applications, Patterson axial and mixed flow pumps can be supplied with enclosed line shafts in order to prevent clogging and stringing.

Patterson axial- and mixed-flow pumps consist of a cast bowl assembly leading to an outer column and discharge elbow with an internal shaft linking the bowl assembly to the motor (mounted on an exterior stand). Because each bowl acts as a separate chamber, Patterson axial-flow pumps and mixed-flow pumps can be designed to serve at a variety of heads, with each stage capable of up to 100' of TDH. A single Patterson axial-flow pump or mixed-flow pump can deliver up to 500,000 gallons per minute.

Performance Characteristics
Pump Type Min GPM Max GPM Max TDH Min Disch Max Disch Service
Axial-Flow, Mixed-Flow Pumps 2,000 500,000 100'(*) 12" 84" high-flow water service
(*): maximum head per stage; multiple stages available

Patterson axial-flow pumps are available in both vertical and horizontal configurations, and can be custom-fabricated for capacities greater than those shown above.

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last revised 10.12.2005