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step 1:
select monitors
chlorine dioxide monitors (ATI Q45H-65)
step 2:
select power type
24 VDC, 2-wire (single output only)
115 VAC with two relays and two outputs
230 VAC with two relays and two outputs
9 VDC battery with two 0-2.5V outputs
9 VDC battery with internal data logger and software
step 3:
select sensor style
constant-head flowcell with 25' cable
submersible sensor with 25' cable (chloramine sensor only)
sensor with sealed low-volume flowcell
sensor with 1.5" flow T
dual chlorine dioxide/pH sensor with constant-head flowcell
dual chlorine dioxide/pH sensor with low-vollume flowcell and 1" tee
submersible chlorine dioxide/pH sensor with 25' cable
step 4:
select mounting
(check those wanted)
115mm x 115mm panel mount
1/2-DIN panel mount
pipe mount
monitor pipe mounting bracket kit
mounting bracket kit for submersible sensor
step 5:
other conditions
check if incoming line pressure is above 100 PSI
step 6:
step 7:
Anything else we should know about your needs?
step 8: