Omaha won't get state sewer help until at least next year
April 27, 2011

A Nebraska state senator had hoped to get state funding to aid Omaha's very expensive federally-mandated separation of its stormwater and sanitary sewers, but he's going to postpone consideration of that bill until next year, because he doesn't think it would survive a veto by the governor. Omaha is one of many cities across the country that have been ordered by the EPA to separate the sewers so that storm flows don't overload the sewer system and cause untreated wastewater to flow directly into rivers. It's a hugely expensive project that has to be completed over the next ten to fifteen years, and the costs have some commercial users worried that rising sewer fees will become cost-prohibitive for them to stay in business. The average household is expected to pay an additional $420 a year within the next half-decade or so to help pay, as well.

We can help you with gates, pumps, and other equipment for stormwater sewers, as well as sanitary sewers. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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