Hail season: A reminder to enclose your valuables
April 21, 2010

The spring severe-weather season reminds us of the need for precautions against events like hailstorms. Hailstorms are virtually inevitable in the upper Midwest, and it should be noted that the two largest recorded hailstones in US history fell on Kansas and Nebraska (the one in Kansas was heavier; the one in Nebraska was bigger). While there's no guarantee that anything can safely shield equipment of any kind from damage by a 7-inch-diameter hailstone falling from the sky at highway speeds, the potential for damage even from smaller hailstones should be a reminder that equipment in our part of the country needs to be sheltered from exposure to the elements. Whether it's a pump, a grit trap, a bar screen, or any other type of equipment, we strongly endorse the use of protective shelters to prevent damage and ensure the long life of valuable equipment. We offer customized fiberglass shelters in a wide range of options for your use throughout your municipal system, industrial facility, or even your farm.

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