Stockholm Water Prize recognizes cholera researcher
March 23, 2010

The recipient of the 2010 Stockholm Water Prize has been named: Johns Hopkins public-health researcher Dr. Rita Colwell. Her work has focused largely on microbiology and particularly on waterborne diseases like cholera. She also served for six years as the director of the National Science Foundation. The prize recognizes her contributions to the prevention of the spread of cholera, particularly through predictions based on environmental conditions that can cause the disease to break out at previously-unexpected times. The discovery that cholera could be spread by contaminated water gave birth to the modern era in drinking-water treatment and protection, and its continued presence -- particularly in poor countries and following natural disasters -- remains the cause of thousands of deaths each year.

Clean public water supplies rely on consistent disinfection and safe distribution. We often take these for granted in the United States, but they require continuous reinvestment and maintenance.

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