Minnesota, Dakotas under high risk of flooding
March 23, 2009

NOAA's spring weather and climate outlook places parts of Minnesota and the Dakotas under serious threat of major flooding. The region is fighting a combination of deep snowpack and frozen ground along with additional new precipitation, all of which is combining to create an unusually high risk of severe flooding. Soil temperatures are still around freezing (they've mostly thawed in Iowa and Nebraska), and a new storm system moving through is dropping fresh precipitation all over the Upper Midwest. The Red River has flooded the city of Fargo on several occasions, including the particularly disastrous 1997 flooding season. Fortunately for the rest of the Midwest, many of North Dakota's rivers actually flow northward into Canada, but flooding in South Dakota is likely to make its way downstream past communities like Sioux City and Omaha over the course of the spring. Fargo is back into disaster mode as the city runs millions short of the number of needed sandbags. Because sandbags are extremely labor-intensive to deploy and can be difficult to deliver to the places where they're needed, we are happy to offer portable dams that can be filled with water, using a fraction of the manpower of sandbags. Portable Aqua Dams can be deployed in a fraction of the time that equivalent sandbag dikes take to construct, and they're much easier to adjust and re-locate when necessary.

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