Oil slick creates international incident
February 17, 2009

An oil slick off the coast of Ireland appears to have been created by a pair of Russian ships that were refueling nearby. The Russian Navy denies responsibility, but that doesn't change the size of the spill. Oil spills of all types and sizes create hazards require the quick attention of the water industry. Oil can kill wildlife and damage coastal plants, but it can also create a risk to human health if it finds its way into drinking-water supplies. Because most oil will float on water, it can often be contained through the use of emergency baffle curtain systems, but it's much better if those spills can be prevented in the first place. High-quality, well-maintained fuel-transfer pumps can help reduce the risk of spills -- and when the fuel transfer takes place on land, spill-containment berms can help prevent contaminants from reaching rivers and watersheds.

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