Water groups want more money, fewer mandates
November 19, 2008

The American Water Works Association, along with three other water-industry groups, have issued a joint "National Agenda for Drinking Water" to the President-elect for his consideration before the new legislative year begins in January. In it, the groups ask for $1 billion in "economic-stimulus" funding for new water-infrastructure projects, $2 billion for SRF loans and USDA rural-water loans and grants, and lots of new efforts to reduce non-point-source pollution of the nation's water supplies. They also ask for a freeze on new water-related regulations that are mandated by Congress, rather than by the EPA, and argue that several polices currently in force or under review as part of homeland-security guidelines be put on hold. In particular, they are concerned about new rules on chemical storage and safety as well as the possibility that they'll be forced to answer to both the EPA and the Department of Homeland Security at the same time.

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