Slowing Runoff By Diking the Fields
Capturing the rainfall instead of letting it flow away can help in dryland regions

Drought in Parts of Midwest Worst in 30 Years
Platte River is dry over a 75-mile stretch. It's rough on lawns, but the real trouble is for agriculture. The aquifer that serves 30% of all irrigation in the US is drying up faster than expected, and urban growth cuts deeply into available supplies for ag use. The new Drought Impact Reporter provides an excellent resource for determining the effects of drought in specific locations. Iowa expects an 8% decrease in corn yields due to the dry weather. Some new housing developments in Iowa are intended to retain rainwater in the soil rather than letting it go into storm sewers.

Public Pressure Could Increase for Manure Management
Spills into water supplies have attracted the attention of the Register

Water Conservation Comes Home

Alternative Wetlands Control Can Increase Yields, Reduce Stormwater Contamination

last revised 11.21.2005