Failing septic system causes Grand Island mobile-home park to shut down
August 31, 2010

A mobile-home park in Grand Island, Nebraska, has been shut down because its failing septic system has been contaminating the ground with sewage, in part due to a high water table. The owners of the park blamed a handful of residents for causing problems with the system and for initiating the complaint with the state regulatory agency that led to the decision to close. The park also had problems with uranium in its drinking-water supply, for which it had applied to the state for funding assistance a few years ago. Meanwhile, a mobile-home park near Iowa City is encountering legal troubles over the quality of its drinking water, where tests indicate that the water is probably safe to drink, despite a reported serious odor problem.

Keeping drinking-water supplies safe and clean, and properly treating small wastewater systems like lagoons and septic tanks, can be challenging for small communities on tight budgets. Fortunately, there are breakthrough technologies like small-scale ultraviolet (UV) disinfection that are now available, in addition to well-established technologies like safe chlorination tablets that can help assure the quality and safety of essential drinking-water supplies. We can help you with either type of application, so please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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