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step 1: select number of sensing points for each gas

qty gas
acetylene (0-1000 ppm)
acid gases (0-10 ppm)
alcohol (0-500 ppm)
ammonia (0-100 ppm)
ammonia with AutoTest (0-100 ppm)
arsine (0-1000 ppb)
bromine (0-2 ppm)
bromine with AutoTest (0-2 ppm)
carbon monoxide (0-100 ppm)
carbon monoxide with AutoTest (0-100 ppm)
chlorine (0-10 ppm)
chlorine dioxide (0-2 ppm)
chlorine dioxide with AutoTest (0-2 ppm)
chlorine with AutoTest (0-10 ppm)
diborane (0-1000 ppb)
ethylene oxide (0-20 ppm)
fluorine (0-2 ppm)
fluorine with AutoTest (0-2 ppm)
formaldehyde (0-20 ppm)
germane (0-1000 ppb)
hydrogen (0-4%)
hydrogen chloride (0-20 ppm)
hydrogen chloride with AutoTest (0-20 ppm)
hydrogen cyanide (0-20 ppm)
hydrogen cyanide with AutoTest (0-20 ppm)
hydrogen fluoride (0-20 ppm)
hydrogen fluoride with AutoTest (0-20 ppm)
hydrogen peroxide (0-10 ppm)
hydrogen selenide (0-1000 ppb)
hydrogen sulfide (0-50 ppm)
hydrogen sulfide with AutoTest (0-50 ppm)
iodine (0-2 ppm)
nitric oxide (0-100 ppm)
nitrogen dioxide (0-20 ppm)
nitrogen dioxide with AutoTest (0-20 ppm)
oxygen (0-25%)
ozone (0-2 ppm)
ozone with AutoTest (0-2 ppm)
phosgene (0-2 ppm)
phosphine (0-1000 ppb)
silane (0-20 ppm)
sulfur dioxide (0-20 ppm)
sulfur dioxide with AutoTest (0-20 ppm)
step 2: options audible horn
industrial external horn (120 VAC)
strobe with red lens (12 VDC)
strobe with red lens (120 VAC)
step 3: urgency
step 4: other Anything else we should know about your needs?
step 5: submit