DJ Gongol & Associates is pleased to represent the Patterson Pump Company, a subsidiary of the Gorman-Rupp Company, in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. Patterson pumps are made for a variety of applications in both clean water and wastewater applications.

Patterson pumps are specifically designed for a variety of applications including raw water, high service, backwash, non-potable, sewage, effluent, and a variety of other clean and dirty water applications.

Along with Patterson's rugged pump line, we also represent Flo-Pak, a business unit of Patterson Pump Company, who has been building packaged municipal pressure booster stations for more than 20 years. They are a custom booster supplier, with more than 3,000 units currently in the field. They offer above-ground and below-ground valve and pressure-reducing vaults, metering vaults, as well as pump stations of all types and sizes.

Flo-Pak has access to the complete range of Patterson pumps, as well as OEM purchasing agreements with most major pump, valve, and VFD manufacturers, so Flo-Pak can customize a pressure booster package to include your specific preferred components.

Flo-Pak can deliver complete, ready-to-install water pressure booster stations from 25 to more than 20,000 gallons per minute, in a variety of enclosure options. Flo-Pak maintains strict quality control over its water pressure booster packages, whether enclosed in an above-ground building or buried in a steel or stainless steel capsule. Flo-Pak delivers every pressure booster unit, whether municipal or economy skid-mounted, custom-built and inspected for your system and service requirements.

Flo-Pak and DJ Gongol & Associates employ experienced staffs with decades of pump and engineering experience. Flo-Pak experts are available to share their expertise with you.

If you would like to take advantage of the combined resources of DJ Gongol & Associates, Patterson Pump Company, and Flo-Pak, for your next packaged pumping system, please use one of these request forms:

last revised 10.17.2005